Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In bloom...

I get so excited this time of year to see all the flowers blooming.  Some we planted and some that were here when we moved in.

The tried and true Azalea is big in our area.  Not my favorite, but they are pretty when they are in bloom.

Spring blooming Camelia was early this year.  They are all dying, but they were so pretty when they were in full bloom.

Kwanzan Cherry Tree we planted last year.  Poor thing is still slim but it's blooming!

Love the irises.

Pink Gentle Giant rose bush, I can not wait for these to bloom!!

Knock Out Roses.  Love, love, love these... I can not say enough about how easy and low maintenance these are.  I know they are not the "true" roses but I don't care, they are super easy and are a big impact for our massive front yard.

Fourth of July climbing rose, these came in great at the end of summer last year.

These poor, poor hydrangea plants.  I imagine these are very old, I just trimmed the dead wood down because they were looking scraggly!  Anyone have any ideas how I can bring these two back to life?  They didn't produce a single bloom last year.

More hydrangeas that I planted last year, there are 5 here.  I have a total of 9 plants in our yard and I am praying that they produce because I love a good display of hydrangeas on my dining room table!

The reason my husband wanted to buy this house!

... his babies!  We need to re-mulch this bed and I still haven't figured out what to plant here.  I think something tropical...

Petunias (right?!) that came back.

And this is a rose that I cut late last October from the Gentle Giant rose bush.  This thing was HUGE.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes up this Summer, we love working in our yard and seeing the progress that we have made in the 2 years that we have been here!

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