Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Family Room Slipcover

  I am in love, I am in love with something that can not love me back...I know this and I still love it so.  I've thought about it, dreamed about it, and imagined it with me.  :)  It is my pretty new slipcover!!!  I love it.  It is exactly what this house needed and I feel like finally all of my hard work to make this our airy, beachy, modern style home is coming together.

  I saved $500 on a brand new slipcovered Rowe Nantucket sofa.  How'd you do that you ask??  Well let me break it down for ya!

New Sofa $1,100 + cost of upgraded fabric = around $1,300 when all is said and done.

I paid $810.00 for mine!

 This is how... I paid $165 for the sofa with existing cranberry slipcover off of Craigslist awhile ago and I paid $645 for a new slipcover.  Ridiculous I know, but I'm saving $500 here in the long run!!!  When you think of it as paying around $800 for a quality, name brand sofa that will last for years, most people wouldn't even blink an eye at that price.

Some people I know...(Mom and DH) think I'm crazy for paying that much for a slipcover when "the other one was perfectly fine".  Well yes, the other one was not in terrible shape but it was CRANBERRY for goodness sakes!!  I lived with a red leather sofa for 8 years (bad design choice I know, I was young).  I am so OVER red.  So that's how it happened and I am so happy that I did it.  We might be eating mac n' cheese for the rest of the week, but we'll be stylin' while we're watching the tube! :)

So here is the before picture of the sofa:

Not terrible but everything in our house is blue or white.  
It just didn't go with the style of our home.

And here she is all dressed up in her new slipcover!!!

 I made the pillows today.  I didn't even bother buying new pillows, I just stuck some old ones that weren't being used into the new case.

 A crate found at Goodwill.

 The lighting is hard to work with in this room in the afternoon.  For some reason the pictures come out dark when it actually really bright in here.  Speaking of lighting... the fan is hideous, I know.  I have plans.

Okay now watch this... you see this little person walking by, watch what happens...

Do you see the blanket?  He did that on PURPOSE.  Just walked by and pulled it down and kept on walking!!!

 The garden stool is from HomeGoods.

The view from the kitchen.  Sooo pretty! :)

So I put the slipcover on late yesterday afternoon and by last night there were already shoe marks and jelly. JELLY.  on it.  It was a total accident that the jelly got onto it but still I was like are you kidding me?!!!   I need to ScotchGuard this sucker ASAP.

Thanks for looking, I hope you all like it as much as I do!

~ Kim :)


  1. Looks amazing!!! The crate is so cool!

  2. Wow, what a huge difference! It looks great. I could not love more things about this room!

  3. I am in LOVE with the throw pillows!

  4. Makes a huge difference, and now mirrors the rest of the house. Now looks like lil one just came by and did that one purpose, lil booger.lol -j

  5. Thinking about buying this couch. Are you still happy with it?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Still love it! It can be a pain to wash the covers all at once but once it's done it looks so great, it really does clean up well and is still comfortable!

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