Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Be Healthy

Was your New Year's Resolution to lose weight or to make more healthy food choices?
What are you doing to accomplish your goals?
I am not good at self-sacrificing, so dieting does not come easy to me.
I try to make healthy food choices, if I cut my daughter up an apple, I make sure to eat one to.  
My problem is I LOVE chocolate, I crave it!

I am trying to make small changes like in the picture below.
By eating a low fat, whole grain waffle, substituting 1/2 of a banana for butter,
and using low calorie syrup, I am saving calories and cutting down on my fat intake.
With out sacrificing the yumminess!  

I find the key to weight loss is keeping track of your food intake, 
substituting high calorie, high fat foods for lower ones,
and exercising.  Of course for me this is all easier said than done.
I love to eat, I crave chocolate, and I would rather sit here 
and write a blog post than run around the block!

I am working on it, slowly.
If your resolution was to lose weight, what are you doing to make it happen?

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